Midsummer with us


At Rökeriet, midsummer is celebrated with smoked shrimp, a cold swedish traditional midsummer table, herring, potatoes and a amazing atmosphere. Choose between the cold swedish traditional midsummer table, a summery three-course dinner or a main course from our a la carte menu. The Midsummer table and three-course menu is served on Friday and Saturday over the Midsummer weekend.

Crayfish menu

  • Crayfish party 825kr

    500g Signal crayfish
    Smoked shrimps
    French potato salad
    Västerbotten cheese pie
    Cheese with a touch of spices
    Butter with krondill
    Sourdough bread

    Apple cake with almond and vanilla parfait

Main courses

  • 4-course crayfish menu

    With drink package 1840kr

    Lobster soup
    Philipponnat Royale Réserve Brut France, Champagne. Grape: Pinot Noir,

    Swedish crayfish ( signal crayfish)
    Smoked shrimps

    Brewmaster's best Pilsner 40 cl & optional schnapps 4 cl

    Fried wild duck with chanterelles served with apple and calvados sauce and duck confi with almond potatocake.
    Arbois Savagnin Ouillé France, Jura, Arbois. Grape: Savagnin

    Almond and pistachio cake with strawberries and vanilla cream.
    Soellner Sweet Riesling EKO, Austria, Lower Austria. Grape: Riseling

    Black coffee