Archipelago buffét


 5 different kinds of herring.

Red onion, dill, sour cream.

2 different kinds of pickled herring.

Fried pickled herring.

Västerbotten cheese pie.

Västerbotten cheese, spicy cheese.

Mixed seafood in mayonnaise.

Our smoked prawns with aioli.

Smoked salmon.

Smoked mackerel.

Seafood terrine.

Smoked green mussels.

Cured salmon with mustard sauce.

Tomato salad.

Smoked fillét of pork.

Tvärnö ham with marinated artichokes.

Potato salad.

Different kinds of dessert cheese.

Different kinds of bread with whipped butter.

Dill boiled new potatoes.

Chefs choice of desserts.


 Sek 595- /person.

  Minimum 10 persons.

During July we are not serving the archipelago buffét.

All prices include 12% VAT

Opening hours! 


4 May – 8 September daily from 12.00-23.00.

10 September – 27 september  Tuesday-Friday 18.00-23.00

22 november – 22 december open for Swedish traditional christmas table.

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